Steps to Boots E-Learning Staff Login

Uganda, Full Time

What is Boots Learning?

Boots Learning is an online portal especially designed for employees who working at Boots. Through the Boots eLearning online portal, it is not only fostering the people to join in the company from outside the business and developing the careers but also invest in improving the talents of all of the colleagues who work for today.

Looking for Steps to Boots E-Learning Staff Login? Below are steps to follow to get access to Boots E-Learning Staff portal

How to log in to Boots E-Learning Staff

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Steps to follow:


Tap on register button which is available under login credentials information.

By clicking on register button, provide valid registration details such as your name, staff number, email address, phone number, etc.

After you make sure that you have entered valid information, go to register option and create it.

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Steps to follow

Enter valid input credentials such as user name and password on appropriate fields.

Click on login button

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